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A Year of Bike Commuting in Denver

Will Handsfield has a recap of the first twelve months of A Year of Bike Commuting, a group blog from bicycle commuters in Denver, Colorado:

It has officially been a year since the start of this blog. We initially set out, under Brendan’s suggestion, to chronicle a year of bike commuting in Denver.

It turns out that there is a vast and growing network of bloggers, and we represented a distinct element of Denver’s blog community. As such we often felt a responsibility to address pertinent issues (helmets, parking in bike lanes, sharrows, police) and to inform our readers of current events (bike path is open, Maynard broke his leg).

The best surprise was how participatory this community has become; from our loyal readers and commentators, to the folks who volunteered for Freewheel!n’ and pedi-truck recycling shifts. There are a number of people with whom we’ve connected in a very positive way. Less frequent, but still interesting are the critics, who we certainly value for keeping us grounded (even you, Darryl).

So it’s been a blast, we’ve learned some things, we’ve communicated with people, and we’ve got a soapbox from which to rant, and once in a while we use it for productive means. All in all, a good year and a good project.

Will is moving to Washington, DC, but the remainder of the bloggers on the site plan to keep it going, and continue chronicling what it’s like to be a bicycle commuter in downtown Denver.

Check out A Year of Bike Commuting. It’s worth the visit!

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