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Join KanBikeWalk for Advocacy Day on Feb. 4th

Capitol in TopekaKanBikeWalk’s first Advocacy Day is scheduled for February 4th, 2009 at the state capitol in Topeka, Kansas.

KanBikeWalk, whose mission is to promote safe bicycling and walking in Kansas, works with the state legislature to craft laws that can reduce incidences of injury and death for all road users, and encourage walking and bicycling as modes of transportation, recreation, tourism, and sport.

Please join us as we meet with state-level elected officials to ask for their help in creating a more bikeable and walkable Kansas. When you speak personally with your own elected officials and they hear you talk about your passion for these issues, it can make a tremendously positive impression.

Our elected officials all know that someone, somewhere supports better bicycling and walking. But they usually think in the back of their mind that it’s someone somewhere else — on the other side of the state, or in a big city, or a small city, or maybe people who live in pleasant rural areas.

So when they meet you and make that personal connection with someone from their hometown, it really changes things.

We will make personal visits to Kansas legislators and their staff in the capitol. These personal visits are by far the most productive way for us to build support for bicycling and walking issues in our state. KanBikeWalk will provide printed materials you can use as a guide when talking, and can leave with them for later review.

If you’re unable to attend Advocacy Day in person, you can still help! Emailing or calling your legislators can also be a very effective way to make your voice heard. (If you’re not sure who represents you, you can use the Find Your Legislator app to check.)

If you’re interested in helping out, please visit KanBikeWalk.com.

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