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Win a Valentine's Date with Punk Rock Cycling

The Des Moines based women’s team, Punk Rock Cycling, is offering up a valentine’s date to the highest bidder. The eBay auction ends Friday before Valentine’s day and the cost of the dinner date with the team has already climbed into the hundreds. This is the second year that the women of Punk Rock Cycling will be selling a date with the team. Last year’s Valentine’s Day auction was won with a bid just over $400, of which the girls on the team used to help subsidize entry fees and other costs they incur during a hard fought season of racing.

With a struggling economy and cycling sponsorships and unique publicity becoming harder and harder to come by, the girls of Punk Rock Cycling are taking matters into their own hands. To place your bid visit the team’s website at www.punkrockcycling.com.

Win a Date with Punk Rock Cycling

Punk Rock Cycling is sponsored by the Elder Corporation, Papa John’s Pizza, Rasmussen Bike Shop, Specialized, Visionary Services, RBS Training Systems, Shimano, Chrome, and Oakley.

You can learn more about these women and all they do at punkrockcycling.com.

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  1. BikeLemming says:

    I just stuck up a blog supporting their cause as well…