How Do Kansas Drivers Compare?

GMAC Insurance recently released the results of its “National Drivers Test”, which ranks all states by order of “most knowledgeable drivers”. Kansas, as it has for several years, ranks near the top of the list.

For 2009, Kansas was ranked #4, trailing Idaho, Wisconsin, and Montana. In 2008, Kansas was ranked #1.

According to the test, here are the rankings of other states in our region:

#6: Nebraska
#8: Iowa
#15: Colorado & Missouri (tied)
#17: Oklahoma
#24: Arkansas

The worst states in the nation? New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, California, and Georgia.

Of course, this test just ranks knowledge, not the application of that knowledge. It’d be interesting to see how those rankings compared….

What do you think? In your experience driving around the nation, how does Kansas compare to other states?

Take the test yourself, and see how you score. You can also check out the complete rankings, or view an interactive ranking map.

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