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Vintage Kansas Cyclists: Five-Man Bicycle in Hutchinson

This photo was published in the June 17, 1946 issue of Life Magazine, in an article describing the 75th anniversary celebration in Hutchinson, Kansas:

Vintage Kansas Cyclists: 5-Man Bicycle in Hutchinson

The caption reads: “Five-Man Bicycle was a feature of mile-long parade which included dozens of old autos, 449 horses, 10 covered wagons, 3 oxen, and 5 jackasses.”

The signs on the bike appear to be advertising automobile dealerships in Derby, Kansas.

You can read the entire magazine via Google Books.

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  1. Tom Pierce says:

    Wichita continued to enjoy a bicycling reputation that spread to events and places such as Hutchinson. Companies such as Hamilton’s in Wichita and the Institute of Logopedics collaborated to produce unusual vehicles – the 5-seater depicted is typical of unusual projects of the area.