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Vintage Kansas Cyclists: Wichita Bicycle Club

Vintage Kansas Cyclists: Wichita Bicycle Club

This photo shows a group of men posed with their high-wheel bicycles, circa 1885, in Wichita, Kansas.

Presumably, the men were members of the Wichita Bicycle Club, which was organized in the 1880s, to be succeeded by the Wichita Wheelmen in 1896. Articles from the Wichita newspapers of the time note that the bicycle club organized regular excursions, such as this one from 1888: “Eighteen or twenty members of the Bicycle club left this morning on their wheels for Hutchinson, a run of about 50 miles.”

Courtesy of the Wichita Photo Archives. There’s a more detailed version of this image on Flickr. Newspaper quote from Coasters Bicycle Club.

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