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Manhattan Bicyclist Struck and Killed by Pickup Truck

On June 26, 49-year-old Mark Jilka of Manhattan, was bicycling on the shoulder of K-177 near Manhattan, when he was struck from behind and killed by Derik Kesler, 32, of Rossville, who was driving a pickup truck.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports:

According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, the accident occurred when a 2007 Dodge pickup truck that was traveling south on K-177 highway struck a bicycle that also was southbound and travelling south on the right shoulder of the highway.

The bicyclist came to rest in the west ditch of the highway, while the pickup truck stopped on the southbound shoulder.

The bicycle rider, identified as Mark M. Jilka, was pronounced dead at the scene.

No word yet on any charged that will be faced by the driver, but it would seem criminally negligent if a bicyclist is not safe even when travelling on the shoulder of a road…

Mark Jilka is the third person to die while bicycling in Kansas in 2014. Kristina Brown was killed by a drunk driver on January 10th in Wichita, and Kenneth Young collapsed and died from a medical condition near Admire on June 22.

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6 responses to “Manhattan Bicyclist Struck and Killed by Pickup Truck”

  1. jack says:

    Bet that helmet helped alot

  2. JB says:

    Jack, someone died and you make a snarky, incredibly disrespectful and amazingly insensitive remark. Stay classy Jack, stay classy.

  3. Sarah says:

    Um, Jack, that was uncalled for. He was trying to be as safe as possible. It’s not his fault that some moron doesn’t know how to drive. Bicyclists are permitted to ride on the shoulder. Mark was a safe rider; he knew what he was doing. This was a tragedy and his death has affected many lives. Please try not to be an a-hole.

  4. Sarah says:

    First Cousin of Mark – Mark was an avid road rider and always wore a helmet and road safely. Mark was on the shoulder. Mark had done many, many rides near his former home in the Denver area where there is a huge volume of traffic.

    There’s talk of this truck driver being on his cell phone.

    Wonder what someone like Jack who obviously isn’t a rider is doing on this website.


  5. mike says:

    Jack I am fairly certain your last name is OFF with a remark like that.

  6. Nathan says:

    I know derik personally. He is a hard worker and a good person. It is sad what has happened but in life things like this do happen. Most people would have left the scene. He did what was right at that point and stayed at the scene trying to help. My prayers go out to marks family but at the same time those of you that would take cheap shots at derik should get a life. He is one of the kindest people I have ever known.