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Winter Bike To Work Day 2016

Friday February 16 was Winter Bike To Work Day 2016. Kansas had 29 participants who took the time to register themselves, as well, of course, countless others who commute to work pretty much every day regardless.

Winter Bike To Work Day 2016 Map

With 14 riders, Wichita was the #83 city in the world, and it’s good to see folks from all around the state participating.

Here in Iola, here are a few glimpses of my ride into work:

Winter Bike To Work Day 2016 Iola KS

It’s only a little over a mile, but I get to stop at a park, ride on some bike-friendly trails and quiet streets, and take advantage of front-door bike parking. I must say, it’s a pretty sweet little commute.

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One response to “Winter Bike To Work Day 2016”

  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for posting this, and for creating and maintaining the whole site. I had never heard about Winter Bike to Work day, but Wichita is up to 19 riders now.