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  • Hardy Souls

    Hardy Souls

    Despite frigid temperatures and abundant snow, a few Kansas Cyclists have ventured out and started the New Year off right! Here are some ride reports from around the state.

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  • Stafford, Kansas Cyclist Killed

    Stafford, Kansas Cyclist Killed

    On November 4th, 71-year-old James Jerome Searle was riding his bicycle near Stafford, Kansas when he was struck from behind by an SUV driven by 81-year-old Lawrence L. Curtis. Searle died at the scene. Curtis initially left the scene of the collision, but returned later.

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  • No Mountains, But Kansas Can Still Kick Your Ass

    No Mountains, But Kansas Can Still Kick Your Ass

    An expat comes home to find that there's more to Kansas than wheat and tornadoes. We're a little short on true mountains, but the challenge of Kansas trails might just surprise you, too.

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  • Kansas Bike Polo

    Kansas Bike Polo

    It's pretty much what it sounds like: the game of polo, where you use mallets to strike a ball into a goal, but riding bicycles instead of horses. Here's a round-up of bike polo action in Kansas and neighboring states.

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  • A Bicycle-Friendly Development in Manhattan, KS

    A Bicycle-Friendly Development in Manhattan, KS

    Here's an interesting story about a bicycle-friendly golf course community located in Manhattan, Kansas that provided public paths that connect to the city's existing trail network.

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  • Cycling The Road To Health

    Cycling The Road To Health

    Bicycling is an adventure, a thrill, and a freeing experience that non-cyclists can only imagine. It's more than that, though—cycling is a way to get stronger; to get healthier; to fight back as your body battles illness.

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  • Topeka Approves Complete Streets

    Topeka Approves Complete Streets

    The Topeka City Council has approved a resolution in favor of Complete Streets, targeted at making roadways safe and accessible for everyone, including bicyclists and pedestrians. Way to go, Topeka!

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  • Prairie Spirit Trail Bridge Reopens

    Prairie Spirit Trail Bridge Reopens

    With the re-opening of the Pottawatomie Creek bridge, the Prairie Spirit Trail is now whole, and can be ridden end-to-end, a total of about 51 miles, from Ottawa in the north to Iola in the south. Enjoy the longest rail-trail in Kansas!

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  • De Soto Reaffirms 83rd Street Bicycle Ban

    De Soto Reaffirms 83rd Street Bicycle Ban

    The city council in De Soto, Kansas has decided to keep the bicycle ban on 83rd Street, after earlier this year promising to lift it. They're concerned that lifting the ban would make the street popular with bicyclists. Oh the horror!

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  • Proposed Baldwin City Trail

    Proposed Baldwin City Trail

    Baldwin City, Kansas has applied for a Transportation Enhancement Grant for a proposed multi-use trail in this small university town, but the project has run into opposition from some members of the city council.

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