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Hardy Souls

Despite frigid temperatures and abundant snow, a few Kansas Cyclists have ventured out and started the New Year off right! Here are some ride reports from around the state:

  • Coasters Bicycle Club in Wichita: “New Years Day our bike group had our annual dinner and ride. The temperature at the time of the ride was just 28 degrees. We didn’t ride far. It was a great time despite the cold.” (more)
  • Cross off the Old Year in Shawnee: Chris Locke, Joel Dyke, Mark Studnicki, Saint Joseph Mountain Biking, Tom Price
  • Adventure Monkey in Emporia, Kansas: “I went for a chilly New Years Day bike ride with a couple of friends…”
  • Tailwind Cyclists Bicycle Club in Pittsburg, Kansas “had their 9th annual New Year’s Day 100 mile ride. The ride gives avid riders and the unbalanced individuals a chance to welcome the new year in style while shaking their fist at Father Time and Mother Nature. The 2010 edition featured the second coldest start at 14 degrees and the coldest ever finishing temperature of 23 degrees. Five riders completed the 100 mile event in 5 hours and 45 minutes. A total of four slightly more sane riders rode anywhere from 12 to 55 miles.”
  • Smithville Gravel Grinder: “The extreme temps kept most riders away from the Smithville GG ride except for the most hard core.”
  • Penguin Ride 2010 in Shawnee, Kansas: “… for those cyclists who aren’t scared of riding in 16 degrees!” Photos
  • Kansas Singletrack Society at Camp Horizon Trails near Arkansas City, Kansas: “It was a great way to start 2010 yesterday at Horizon. Six of us had a great day riding the trail. The bright sun with little wind made the temperature a nonissue, as we were all warmed by the extra effort of pushing through 3 to 4 inches of crusty snow.”
  • Golden Belt Bicycle New Years Day Bike Ride in Great Bend, Kansas: “Fifteen hearty souls braved the cloudy 20 degree Kansas weather for a mountain bike ride on the Arkansas River trail at Great Bend.”

And if you’re considering venturing out yourself, and you’re not quite sure how to go about it, check out this encyclopedic article from the irrepressible commuterDude: COLD weather riding dressing, prepping, riding. Great stuff!

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  1. Matthew Mellor says:

    Johnson County had about 8 folks at Longview demonstrating their bravery / stupidity.