Bicycling-related news from here and there around the heartland:



  • The National Trails Symposium is coming to Little Rock in November, and organizers are looking for volunteers to help make the event a success for the state.


  • A motorist-cyclist conflict in Woody Creek, Colorado leads to a disorderly conduct charge for the cyclist, and an unsafe passing citation for the motorist.
  • Allen Overton suffers from multiple sclerosis, but that doesn’t stop him. He’s riding his recumbent three-wheeled hand cycle from Longmont, Colorado to Illinois, planning to cycle 100 miles every day. “If you have MS, it doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy,” he said.
  • Bicycling is dangerous in Greeley, Colorado, “home to hundreds, if not thousands, of the 8-mile-per-gallon behemoths we call Chevy Suburbans or Ford F-350s. Biking in Greeley is dangerous because nearly no one — outside of basic transportation necessity — does it.”
  • Tim Blumenthal hopes to showcase bicycling at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this August.
  • The death of Denver cyclist Shahram Moghadamnia, who was killed on April 19th, is leading to calls for improvements to West 32nd in Denver, a popular route for cyclists heading to Lookout Mountain and other rides in the Golden area.
  • TransAmerica cyclists helping Ordway, Colorado “Trail Angel” Gillian Hoggard after her home was destroyed by a wildfire in April.


  • A group Iowa cyclists is raising money for clean water in their Waters of Hope tour around the state.
  • The Des Moines Register features a profile of bike shop owner Kyle Robinson of Kyle’s Bikes in Ankeny, Iowa.




  • John Paul Miller, the caretaker at Ron Stephens Stadium in Lawton, Oklahoma, rebuilds bicycles in his spare time, and has given away hundreds of them, mostly to children.

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