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Beware of Riding Trails Alone

From Colorado Springs, Colorado comes a reminder of why it may not be a good idea to ride mountain bike trails alone, or at least without letting anyone know where you’ll be.

James Nelson went out for a bike ride around about 8 p.m., and when he didn’t come home that night, his family reported him missing. They say Nelson had left his wallet and cell phone at home and he did not ride very often so they knew something was wrong when he did not come home.

The next morning, a jogger was running along a bike trail about 100 yards from Nelson’s home, when he came upon the man, lying beside his bicycle, unconscious but breathing. Nelson had apparently hit a pothole in the trail as it crossed over a small creek.

The jogger’s discovery ended an overnight search by sheriff’s deputies, local police, Air Force Academy security police, and the El Paso County Search and Rescue.

Nelson was admitted to a local hospital with head injuries, and he also suffered some facial injuries and broken ribs. Doctors say they expect him to be okay.

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One response to “Beware of Riding Trails Alone”

  1. Jason says:

    You should also leave a note on where you are going, what route you are taking, and when you expect to be back. This will give searchers a better idea of where to start looking for you if the worst should happen.