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Johnson County and KC Bicycle Clubs to Merge?

From the Johnson County Bicycle Club’s November newsletter comes this interesting bit of news:

Should the Johnson County Bicycle Club and the Kansas City Bicycle Club combine resources and form a new metro-wide bicycle club?

This is the question being considered by the respective boards of directors of the JCBC and the KCBC. The two largest metro area clubs are remarkably similar in terms of their activities and orientation. Recently, this orientation has turned increasingly toward bicycle advocacy, particularly as gas prices (which will go back up) have spiked public interest in alternatives to automotive transportation. A Kansas City Metro Area bicycle club would have the potential to be much larger than either the KCBC or the JCBC. A larger organization, which would represent cyclists across the Kansas City metro area, would have more resources and more clout when it comes to working with local and state officials to make
the roads that we all ride, safer for bicyclists.

The discussions of forming a metro-wide club out of the JCBC and the KCBC are currently preliminary and exploratory.

Also from the newsletter:

  • JCBC/KCBC Joint Picnic: A Good Time Had By All
  • Annual Cranksgiving Ride Sunday, November 23
  • The Ride to Paradise was Paved with Good Intentions
  • Youngsters Turn Out in Support of Paseo Bridge Access
  • We Need a Safe Way to Bike and Walk Across the River—Now

Read the November 2008 JCBC newsletter for details on all these stories.

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