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2014-2015 Kansas Bicycle Map

2014-2015 Kansas Bicycle MapThe 2014-2015 Kansas Bicycle Map is available for free from the Kansas Department of Transportation. It shows cross-state bicycle routes, highway shoulder and traffic information, and detailed bike maps for major cities in Kansas.

Eager to explore all that Kansas has to offer? Want to take an adventure on a beaten path and discover the Sunflower State? Look no further than the 2014-15 Kansas Bicycle Map.

“I’m excited to have the updated map available to help anyone who is curious about bicycling in Kansas,” said Rebecca Pepper, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator for the Kansas Department of Transportation. “There is a ton of information that can help riders plan a safer and more enjoyable trip.”

The map includes information on traffic volumes and shoulder widths on Kansas highways, the rail-trails and byways in the state as well as bicycle facilities available in some Kansas communities.

“There are tips on bicycle safety,” Pepper said. “And a list of our state bicycle statutes for those who might be new to bicycling or need a refresher.”

Maps are available free of charge and can be requested by emailing bikeped@ksdot.org or calling (785) 296-8593. For more information on bicycling in Kansas please visit www.ksdot.org/bikeped.

2014-2015 Kansas Bicycle Map, Page 1

2014-2015 Kansas Bicycle Map, Page 2

One of the most useful features of the map are the highway traffic counts and shoulder information. The map shows whether roads are two-lane or multi-lane, and whether they include shoulders or not. Roads are also color-coded to denote traffic volume. There are also quite a few unpaved county roads shown on the map, which provide extremely low-traffic routing options.

The map also highlights cities with bicycle shops, and denotes scenic byways and Kansas Rail-Trails

The other side of the map provides a list of list of state parks and the amenities each supplies, an overview of Kansas Cycling Laws and bicycle safety tips, plus detail maps of selected Kansas communities showing bicycle routes, bike lanes, and bike paths.

You can view the Kansas Bicycle Map online (PDF) or order a free hard copy by emailing your request to BikePed@ksdot.org . Please include your name and mailing address in the request. The guide is also available at many public libraries and government offices.

Thanks to Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator Becky Pepper and the KDOT staff for putting the Kansas Bicycle Map together. This is a great resource for both Kansas residents and visitors — get your copy today!

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2 responses to “2014-2015 Kansas Bicycle Map”

  1. Brian L. says:

    Thanks for posting this info, Randy! I’ve sent away for my paper copy of the map — that’s a nice use of our taxpayer dollars (and I don’t say that often 😉 While I was on their website I took the “Bicycle Safety Quiz” and aced it!! Now if I only had more time to go out and put those skills to use. 🙁

    About the map… What’s your experience with the roads you travel? Do the map’s traffic counts seem reasonable? I’m wondering how often they are updated — even though the map is released annually, I kind of doubt they measure the traffic volumes on all those roads every year.

  2. Randy Rasa says:

    I haven’t looked at the map and traffic counts in great detail, but I’d say that they’re probably fairly accurate, probably moreso in relative terms than in absolute numbers.

    By the way, KDOT does publish additional traffic count maps, and it looks like they’re not too out of date: https://www.ksdot.org/burtransplan/maps/MapsTrafficDist.asp