Kansas Cyclist Podcast: Episode 5

Kansas Cyclist PodcastWelcome to episode number 5 of the Kansas Cyclist Podcast, which features an interview with Kenneth Walker, and a preview of the Amelia Earhart Century from organizer Gary McGregor of Reynolds’ Bicycles.

You may remember Kenneth Walker from the profile we published of him in February. Since then, Kenneth has continued his work with the Urban Kansas City Community of Cycling, promoting cycling to youth in the urban core of Kansas City. Kenneth talks about his passion for bicycling, his work with youth, and his cycling advocacy. This is a really fascinating and inspiring interview with an inportant leader in his community.

Here’s a summary of the rest of the podcast, with links to more information:

Bicycling News:

  • A bicyclist was killed on Sunday, June 21st when an oncoming vehicle crossed the centerline and struck the cyclist head-on hear Hiawatha. The driver of the vehicle was reportedly swerving to avoid a deer. [link]
  • After earning a silver-level designation as a Bicycle Friendly Community just last month, the Columbia Missouri City Council passed an ordinance making verbal and physical harassment of cyclists a misdemeanor, punishable by a $1,000 fine or a year in jail. This ordinance is modeled after similar laws in Colorado, Nevada and South Carolina. [link]
  • In Boulder County Colorado, there’s a bit of a situation brewing, where the Sunrise Century, slated forJuly 25th, has apparently drawn the attention of a local vigilante group, which distributed fliers to houses along the route, asking driver to block the route with their cars, staging fake mechanical breakdowns to clog the roads. Ironically, part of the reason the flier states for the action is that they believe cyclists using the roads will impede traffic in case of an emergency. Police in the area say they plan to step up their physical presence that day to prevent any potential confrontations. [link]
  • On June 9th, a drunk driver plowed into three cyclists riding on the shoulder of a road near Tulsa, Oklahoma, killing two of the riders and injuring the third.The driver has been charged with two counts of first degree manslaughter. The Tulsa bicycling community held a silent memorial ride for the two cyclist killed. [link]
  • On June 14th, a bicyclist was killed near Topeka. Michael Ebron, age 48, was apparently riding along Highway 24, at night, with no lights or reflectors, and was struck from the rear by an SUV. [link]
  • In Lawrence, Bob Frederick, former athletic director for Kansas University, died on June 12th following a bicycle accident. Frederick was 69 years old and sustained head injuries when the front wheel of his bicycle hit a pothole and he flew over the handlebars and landed on his head. He was wearing a helmet. [link]
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Upcoming Rides and Events:

  • June 28th is the Amelia Earhart Century out of Atchison, Kansas. This is an annual ride through the rolling farmland of northeast Kansas, and is a prelude to the Amelia Earhart Festival, which takes place July 17th and 18th, and celebrates the life of Atchison’s own Amelia Earhart, the famous aviator who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Next up is the Tour of Lawrence, three days of amateur and professional racing in Lawrence, Kansas, taking place over the Fourth of July weekend. In case you missed it, you may want to check out Episode 4 of the Kansas Cyclist Podcast, which included an interview with Bob Sanner, the director of the Tour of Lawrence. It sounds like a really exciting event, and if you’re interested in being a part of it, they’re still looking for volunteers.
  • The Tour de Corn takes place in East Prairie, Missouri on June 27th, with the main attraction being fresh sweet corn provided at rest stops.
  • Also on the 27th are two charity rides, the Tour de Cure in Oklahoma City, for the American Diabetes Association, and the Bike MS: Great West-Life ride, for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, out of Westminster, Colorado.
  • The NUMB Ride (Nebraska United Methodist Bike Ride for Hunger) rolls out of Ogallala, Nebraska and looping through west-central Nebrask for five days, starting on June 27th. They’ve been doing this ride for 14 year, and proceeds from the ride go to benefit the hungry in Nebraska and around the world. To date they’ve raised over $370,000.
  • On July 4th, the Tour of Payne takes place in Payne County, Oklahoma. This event celebrates the 1889 Oklahoma Land Run, and visits a number of historic sites in the area.

There are many more ride opportunities available nearby, so please view the regional calendar for a complete list.

Trail News:

This episode we discuss the trails at Hillsdale Lake near Kansas City. These are trails that I know well, and there are some for every skill level, and don’t get nearly the bicycle traffic that they deserve.

As always, we hope you’ll listen to the Kansas Cyclist Podcast, and consider subscribing to future episodes. We welcome your feedback, so please send in your comments or suggestions.

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