Sunflower Cycling News: 2013-01-09

Fresh, hand-picked bicycling news from Kansas and neighboring states, for January 9, 2013:

Bicycling News from Kansas

  • Volunteers with Thrive Allen County are continuing work on a trail between Iola and Humboldt, and are making great progress, including adding rails to this historic railroad bridge over Elm Creek:

    Elm Creek Bridge 01-2013

    If you’d like to help, Thrive is always looking for volunteers. Trail work begins every Saturday morning at 8am. Call Thrive at 620-365-8128 to get involved! (Photo courtesy of Thrive. See more trail pictures.)

  • The Wichita Bicycle Master Plan is tentatively scheduled for presentation to the Wichita City Council on January 15th. The presentation will provide Council Members an opportunity to learn more about the Plan, ask questions, receive public input, and take action. The council is also scheduled to consider an ordinance to create a Wichita Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board.
  • In Newton, the ReNewton Bicycling Initiative has purchased about 70 traffic signs, to be placed on county roads to “remind motorists to look out for bicycles and that by law, motorists must give cyclists at least three feet of clearance when passing them on the road.” Harvey County will install the signs, after approval from the Kansas Department of Transportation. Jim Meier, county Road and Bridge superintendent, said the signs “aren’t meant to encourage people to swerve out into oncoming traffic to pass a bicycle; drivers need to make sure to only pass when it is safe.”
  • In Dodge City, the City Commission is considering adding trail signage to the hiking and biking trails at the city lake.
  • BikeWalkKC’s Sarah Shipley nominated for PBS honor — “Our very own Sarah Shipley is a nominee for KCPT’s MAKERS, the women who make KC. Sarah is nominated for her work to bring walking and bicycling to the forefront of Kansas City and improving our quality of life by co-founding BikeWalkKC and Kansas City B-cycle. Sarah brings to KC national experience advocating for walking and biking, previously working at the League of American Bicyclists and the Rails to Trails Conservancy. Please vote for Sarah!” (Note: BikeWalkKC is based in Kansas City, Missouri, but serves both the Kansas and Missouri sides of the metro.)
Regional Bicycling News
  • Fayetteville, AR: Trails showcase Lincoln Lake’s beauty — “With multiple overlooks of the beautifully secluded Lincoln Lake, diverse hiking and mountain biking trails and a plethora of spots for rock climbing or bouldering, this city park just north of Lincoln, Ark. is an easy one to fall in love with. It’s hard to pick a favorite trail at Lincoln Lake, and is impossible to explore them all in a day, though that’s a good problem to have.”
  • Eagle-Vail, CO: Winter biking gains traction — “Winter mountain biking is being embraced, not only by local commuters seeking a way to save gas and get exercise, but by endurance enthusiasts looking for another option to stay in shape.”
  • Fort Collins, CO: The city council is considering the Midtown Plan, a “bold vision drawn from global inspiration: City planners see a promenade reserved for bikes and pedestrians adjacent to the transportation corridor on its way with MAX. They envision frontage roads that welcome cars, but are more inviting to bike and foot traffic.”
  • Decorah, IA: City wants input on bike parking — “”With the increase of bicycle traffic in the city … we’re looking at providing additional bike parking spaces downtown. We’re trying to eliminate bike parking against buildings, against streets lights and against trees. Bicycles are part of our community … we’re trying to make this a bike-friendly community.”
  • Denison, IA: Pedaling for cycling enthusiasm — At one time, Crawford County banned organized cycling events on county roads. Now, the Crawford County Cycling Coalition is trying to promote the area to cyclists, through a ride called “Manilla Madness”, a 26-mile ride that “provides an enjoyable yet challenging event for bicyclists. The hilly roads between Denison and Manilla cause some strenuous pedaling but the scenery is worth the effort.”
  • Iowa City, IA: Motorist Intentionally Collides with Bicyclist, Attempts to Flee Scene — “An Iowa City man is accused of intentionally turning his vehicle into a bicycle rider’s path and threatening the felled rider before initially trying to drive away before being warned to stay by a witness.” The driver is facing misdemeanor charges of assault with a dangerous weapon (vehicle) and attempting to leave the scene of an accident, in an October road rage incident.
  • Boonville, MO: City of Boonville takes ownership of MKT Bridge — The historic Katy Bridge, which for many years had been threatened with demolition, was transfered from Union Pacific to the City of Boonville. The city plans to rehabilitate the bridge, which hasn’t been used since 1986, into a bicycle and pedestrian bridge on the Katy Trail, and intends to keep the lift span operational. The Katy Trail currently bypasses the old bridge, crossing the Missouri River on an unattractive and unpleasant highway bridge.
  • McAlester, OK: The city is considering applying for a grant to help pay for a bridge on the proposed Belmont Trail, in south McAlester, part of proposed link of pedestrian and bicycle trails in the community. Currently, the bridge is not compliant with the American with Disabilities Act, but the plan calls for it to be replaced with a new structure designed to meet ADA standards. In addition to bicycles and pedestrian traffic, such as walkers and runnes, the trail could also be used by those on skate boards, roller blades and mountain bikes.

Upcoming Kansas Bicycling Events

Sunday, January 13 is the “Old Forest” race in the 2012-13 Blanket Series. It takes place in Great Bend. The last two races in the series are “Jeffs Flat Track” on January 27 (not sure where) and “River Trail” in Great Bend on February 10th.

The Blanket Series is a low-key, grass-roots type of mountain bike event, where each racer brings a $10 gift, and after the race each rider will choose a prize from the blanket in the order of their finish. The series is sponsored by Golden Belt Bicycle in Great Bend. Unfortunately, the info on their web site is far out of date. Contact them by phone (1-800-561-2453) if you need more information or directions to the races.

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