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  • Snow Biking

    Wheeling in Winter

    With winter now in full force, and temperatures regularly in the sub-freezing or single-digit ranges, it's a good time to revisit the topic of bicycling through winter.

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  • Riding With BDU Pants

    BDUs: Military-Grade Winter Bicycling Pants

    Over the last few years, I’ve been using some technology borrowed from our armed forces to make bicycling in cold weather easier, more comfortable, and less expensive.

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  • LawsonHammock-CampingHang2

    Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Review

    The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock, from Lawson Hammock, offers a unique way to sleep, whether slung between two trees as a hammock, or pitched on the ground as a bivy tent. But how well does it work for bicycle camping?

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  • Hoboroll - With Clothing

    Hoboroll Review

    An in-depth review of the Hoboroll from Gobi Gear, a product that helps to both organize and compress your clothing when traveling. How well does it work for bicycle touring?

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  • Touring gear

    Photo of the Week: Geared up for Touring

    Here's a quick look at my touring setup for summer bicycle camping trips, using my Surly Long Haul Trucker touring bike and panniers.

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  • Mystique 1.5 Tent

    On Test: Mystique 1.5 Tent, Hoboroll, Panaracer Pasela Tires

    Quick previews ot some new bits of gear I'm testing this year, with fuller reviews to follow after I've had a chance to use them for awhile.

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  • 2012-04-19 - Black Label Graduate

    #30DaysOfBiking 2012: Enjoying Flats

    Over the last year I've begun to ride with flat (platform pedals) more often. I enjoy the ability to bike with any type of shoe, and the lack of clickety-clack when walking around is a nice bonus.

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  • Are Your Lights Legal? Kansas Night Bicycling Laws

    Are Your Lights Legal? Kansas Night Bicycling Laws

    Riding your bicycle at night can be great fun, and can be quite safe, but a certain amount of equipment is necessary, both by law and by common sense. Here's what Kansas law requires.

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  • Lezyne Power Drive - Mounted

    Lezyne Power Drive Quick Review

    Here is a quick look at a new bicycle headlight, a Lezyne Power Drive, and some initial impressions on its performance.

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  • Rayovac DIY2AA-B Indestructible - Specs

    A Decent $15 Bike Light

    If you ride you bike at night, or even if you ride at dawn or dusk, a good headlight can literally be a lifesaver, and is required by Kansas law. Here's an inexpensive bicycle lighting solution you might want to consider, using an 'indestructible' LED flashlight.

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