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Tour of Missouri

Episode 10 of the Kansas Cyclist Podcast features a look ahead at the upcoming Tour of Missouri, with interviews with some of the folks preparing for this high-profile professional bicycle race.

We talk with Brad Schrock, Chair of the Tour of Missouri Kansas City Stage 7 Local Organizing Committee. Brad is a founding principal of 360 Architecture, and an avid racer in his own right. His company also sponsors the 360 Racing Team, which competes in bicycle races throughout the midwest. Brad has served as chair for the Kansas City stage of the tour for the last three years, and gives us an interesting behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to organize and put on a world-class bicycle race. If you would like the opportunity to contribute to this exciting event, visit tourofmissouri-kc.com to learn more and to have a chance to earn some Tour of Missouri Kansas City swag.

This podcast also features an interview with Elizabeth Bejan, co-chair of the AIDS Bicycle Challenge, and with Kevin Wicker, Director of Local Events & Development for the Kansas City Sports Commission & Foundation who will be talking about Sportsfest. Both the AIDS Bicycle Challenge and Sportsfest are being held in conjunction of the Tour of Missouri which will end in Kansas City this year on September 13th.

The AIDS Bicycle Challenge is the official charity ride for the Tour of Missouri Stage 7 Kansas City, and takes place on September 12th, starting in the Power & Light District in Kansas City. The ride offers 50, 33 and 11 mile routes through downtown Kansas City and beyond for all ages and skill levels. The ride also includes an after-party with free beer and food for participants. Be sure to register for the ride ahead of time; if you wait until the last minute the cost is double!

The first-ever SportsFest is being held by the the Kansas City Sports Commission & Foundation in the Power & Light District in Kansas City on September 12th and 13th. SportsFest is the watch party for all the local colleges and professional teams. Come out on Saturday and enjoy live interaction with fans, athletes, and various sports vendors and watch KU and KSU football. Then be there on Sunday as the Chiefs kick off their regular season against the Ravens, and the Tour of Missouri rolls into town. From 2-5 p.m. watch from the Power & Light District as some of the top cyclists in the world fly by during the final circuit stage.

Here’s a quick summary of the rest of the podcast, with links to more information:

Bicycling News:

Upcoming Rides and Events:

There are many more ride opportunities available nearby, so please view the regional calendar for a complete list.

Trail News:

A review of the Flint Hills Nature Trail between Osawatomie and Ottawa. This is only a small part of the larger 117-mile plan, but the eastern section of the trail is progressing rapidly, and when it connects to Ottawa this fall, Cyclists will be able to ride not only the Flint Hills Trail, but the Prairie Spirit Trail, making for a great nerw option for day trips or weekend excursions.

The flowers along the Flint Hills Nature Trail are really spectacular right now, so this is a good opportunity for you to get out and experience this trail for yourself.

Bicycle Safety Talk:

Each episode, we discuss an aspect of bicycling safety. This time, we discuss a type of collision known as “The Wrong-Way Wreck”, which is caused by cyclists riding the wrong way on a street or road. Always ride with traffic, not against traffic. You’re much safer when you’re operating as a vehicle, and not a fast-moving pedestrian. Thanks to BicycleSafe.com for the safety tips.

BanjoDogAnd thanks also to Mark Franzke, who’s graciously provided original music for the Kansas Cyclist Podcast. You can find out more about Mark and his music and art by going to Banjodog.com.

As always, we hope you’ll listen to the Kansas Cyclist Podcast, and consider subscribing to future episodes. We welcome your feedback, so please send in your comments or suggestions.

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