Kansas Cyclist Podcast: Episode 21

Kansas Cyclist Podcast
Andy Clarke
League of American Bicyclists

This is episode 21 of the Kansas Cyclist Podcast, and in this episode we interview Andy Clarke of the League of American Bicyclists, catch up with a few Biking Across Kansas riders on tour, and talk with the folks at Road ID about their personal identification products for cyclists.

Andy Clarke

Andy Clarke has more than 25 years of experience in cycling advocacy. He is currently the president of the League of American Bicyclists, whose mission is to promote bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation and work through advocacy and education for a bicycle-friendly America. His past experience includes stints at the Rails to Trails Conservancy, the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals, the Bicycle Federation of America (now the National Center for Bicycling and Walking), and as a consultant to the Federal Highway Administration.

Andy’s passion for cycling started when he was growing up in England, and has stayed with him through hundreds of thousands of miles of cycling on four continents. He is recognized as a policy expert on almost every aspect of bicycling, and still enjoys a tough climb on his Trek touring bike better than anything else.

After the Bike League released their recent Bicycle Friendly State rankings, in which Kansas made a huge leap, from the 33rd most bike-friendly state, to the 13th. Although this was great news for bicycling in Kansas, we were frankly a bit puzzled by the big jump.

Andy fills us in on how the Bicycle Friendly State program works, as well as the related programs such as Bicycle Friendly Communities and Bicycle Friendly Businesses. We also discuss the League Cycling Instructor (LCI) program, which offers instructors and classes to help people ride their bikes safely and confidently on our roadways.

This is a fascinating discussion, and not just the details about how the programs work, but the larger picture, of how America as a whole is moving toward becoming a much better place to ride our bikes. This is an exciting time!

Road ID
P.J. Rabice and Edward Wimmer of Road ID

Road ID

We’d like to welcome Road ID aboard as the latest sponsor of the Kansas Cyclist Podcast. In this episode we talk with Road ID co-founder Edward Wimmer (shown on the right) and Director of Marketing P.J. Rabice (left) about the Road ID product line, how the company was started, and how their products benefit cyclists, runners, and other athletes.

Road ID is an innovative personal identification product that you wear around your wrist, around your neck, or attached to a shoe. In the event of an accident, if you can’t speak for yourself, your Road ID will. It contains all the information first responders, such as police and EMS, need to get you the medical attention you need, and to contact your loved ones.

Road ID has kindly provided gift certificates, which we’ll be passing along to podcast listeners in the coming months. We’re still working out the details, so stay tuned to upcoming episodes.

In the meantime, check out the Road ID product line, which includes not just the wearable identification, but safety accessories such as lighting and reflective products, as well as Road ID apparel.

Both Randy and Ed, co-hosts of the Kansas Cyclist Podcast, have been Road ID customers for a long time, and neither of us will go for a ride without this critical piece of safety equipment. We think it’s that important.

Here’s a quick summary of the rest of the podcast, with links to more information:

  • The Biking Across Kansas tour wrapped up their week-long ride across the Sunflower state last weekend, and the podcast team got the chance to ride along for part of one day. In our “On The Scene” segment, we check in with BAK riders Mark and David Rainey, Robert Garcia, and Tim Oberle and let them share a bit about their experiences on the tour.

  • L-to-R: Robert Garcia, Tim Oberle, Randy Rasa, Mark Rainey, David Rainey, Edward Eroe

  • The Race Across America is currently in progress, and, as we record this, passing through Kansas. The Race Across America (or “RAAM”) is an annual endurance cycling event in which folks ride their bikes from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland, a distance of over 300 miles. In Kansas, the route passes through Ulysses, Montezuma, Greensburg, Pratt, Maize, El Dorado, Yates Center, and Fort Scott.
  • From Colorado comes news of a troubling development: the town of Black Hawk, just west of Denver, has banned bicycles from most of the streets in town, claiming that they’re doing so in the name of “safety”. Why would a city, particularly one that depends on tourism as much a Black Hawk does, deliberately shut out visitors? Doesn’t make much sense. Bicyclists and Tourist Boycott Black Hawk Colorado
  • Wichita Updates Their Bicycling Laws The Wichita City Council has unanimously approved an updated version of bicycling ordinances to bring the city code in line with state statutes related to lane positioning and sidepath requirements. Also, bicycle licenses are no longer required!
  • The Border Raiders tour has been canceled for 2010. They promise to return for 2011.
  • Upcoming single-day events include the Life Support Rally, the City of Fountains Ride, the Denver Century, the Historic Gravel Road Ride, the Amelia Earhart Century, the Firecracker 100, the Freedom From Cancer Ride, and the Tornado Alley Bike Tour. Lots of great rides to choose from!
  • Bicycle tours that are launching soon include the Bicycle Tour of Colorado, the Tour de Nebraska, and the Katy Trail Ride in Missouri. It’s too late to join those tours this year, but mark them on your calendar for 2011!
  • The Tour of Lawrence returns to Lawrence, Kansas over the July 4th weekend with three days of racing featuring events with professional, amateur, and youth divisions racing on the streets of Lawrence. Exciting!

Plus, trail news from Kansas, and a bicycle safety discussion of riding two-abreast: what is the law, what is courteous, and what is safe?

The topic of riding side by side is not as simple as it seems at first glance, and it’s not helped by a patchwork quilt of different laws in different states:

Two-Abreast Bicycling Laws by State

You can learn more from Bicycling.com’s “Road Rights” column: Two by Two.

BanjoDogAnd finally, thanks again goes to Mark Franzke for providing the original music you hear on the Kansas Cyclist Podcast.

As always, we hope you’ll listen to the Kansas Cyclist Podcast, and consider subscribing to future episodes. We welcome your feedback, so please send in your comments or suggestions or call 913-938-6855 to leave a voice message.

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  1. Dave says:

    I really like your information about bicycle-friendly areas in the US. I do an informational podcast, called “The Japanofiles”, from central Japan, and the most recent episode (#35) is about some of the challenges of bicycling here in rural Japan. Specifically, I talk with 8 people about their cycling experiences. Episode 35 is also on iTunes at


    Happy cycling!